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Here they are- http://www.originalwoodworks.com/aim65/aim65s~1.htm I finally found my Commodore C64 1541 disk drive interface card for the AIM with schematic, manual, and software in PROM. I will have to mount them onto a socket and carefully solder the remaining stub to the socket pin to be able to test them! I was able to successfully resurrect When I was hired I was given a complete set of manuals, an AIM 65, and a phone. DaveC 651-429-2222 Donation Amount Option 1 $5.00 USD Option 2 $10.00 USD Option 3 $20.00 USD Option 4 $30.00 USD Option 5 $40.00 USD Option 6 $50.00 USD

It's a demo unit in its own suitcase, and has traveled the world-over extolling the virtues of the Rockwell AIM 65 computer system. With no power applied to either PC board, you take a pad of steel wool and connect it to a VOM, hopefully one with a audible signal indicating continuity. The Monitor can be considered the Operating System, since it provides the over-all system control. How a about a single board computer with an on-board printer? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AIM-65

Available hardware included a floppy disk controller and a backplane for expansion. Hoping to hear from any and all soon! Yes, it's plugged into the correct expansion slot! The keyboard is in great shape.

An initial topic that I picked up from a Dead AIM thread was that these boards were known for their inability to start up reliably. The AIM 65 came in two variations, firstly as a bare bones system that had no physical casing the second version was enclosed and had a more desktop computer feel to If you have a vintage, classic, antique or collectable computer, game or related item(s) for sale or trade please consider using the fee free Vintage Computer and Gaming Marketplace Please be They however weren’t so well known as a microcomputer developer which is why this foray into the computer market didn’t last too long.

The Module 0200 keyboard module provides a terminal style alphanumeric and special character keyboard matrix with 64 keys, including locking ALL CAPS, control, and eight user definable function keys. These were listed as follows: alarm logger, data acquisition, data logger, energy monitor, factory data collector, instrument controller, motor controller, navigation controller, power line monitor, security monitor, solar heating controller and I still have the AIM-65 that I used as the controller for the dance floor seen in the fantasy dance sequence in Francis Ford Coppola's One from the Heart. (Submitted April ShareThis 1 line of 20 chracters LED screen.Ahhhhhh!!!!!!

In the late 1970s, the Rockwell AIM-65, and successor System 65 became the first computers used on board a float in the Tournament of Roses Parade. User-dedicated 16K byte static RAM memory, expandable in 16K byte increments. My boss told me that they expected to sell between 400 and 600 of these systems but the number exceeded 50,000. The machine featured dual cassette tape control.

PRICE: US $375 w/1K RAM ORIGIN U.S.A. 1976 BUILT-IN LANGUAGE Optional Basic ROM KEYBOARD Full-stroke keyboard CPU Rockwell 6502 @ 1MHz RAM 4 KB (up to 32 KB of static RAM) http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/det/25227/Rockwell-AIM-65-computer/ So round, so firm, so fully packed, this is one well designed box: Side of the box, IDing the unit. This AIM 65 is a world traveler. I was the happy owner of one of those machines.

Started 3-27-2006 Revised May 20, 2014 Revised July 8, 2015 Ive added some donation amounts to help defray the cost of hosting, scanning and acquiring documents for the Rockwell AIM-65 both The AIM 65/40 is expected to be available sometime during the third quarter of 1981. After laying around in various drawers and moving boxes for about 30 years it''s dusty, but in good shape - no scratches or soldering iron burns. It had no display except for a small 20 character LED screen and a very small thermal printer located directly on the motherboard which could print everything that was typed on

This stand-alone module has its own microprocessor controller for display of alphanumeric, special, and limited graphics characters, parallel handshake ASCII interface, support circuitry and operates from a single +5 volt power I am willing to act as a broker for people wishing to sell or acquire 6502 apparatus. Close-up of the display. Pixel Deer T-shirts!

CPU:Rockwell 6502, 1MHz RAM:32K, 48K max Ports:Four edge-card expansion ports Display:40 character fluorescent display Built-in thermal printer Storage:external cassette OS:"Monitor". Contact me via my HP if you''re still interested.Cheers! Also of note is the custom packaging for it.

Each drive has a 60-file, 78K byte storage capacity.

Important buttons right there on the board. (Reset, Step/Run, and Keyboard/TTY). When you mention 'Sound' it made me remember that this system supported the use of two audio cassette recorders for mass storage. The AIM 65/40 microcomputer is made up of an R6502 based single board computer with on-board expansion to 65 kilobytes of memory, a full graphics 280 X N dot matrix or Pak Pak Monster T-shirts!

Five hardware breakpoints per target, 32-bit wide with "don't care" bits. A number of different cases became available for the AIM 65 from one piece solutions to two piece variations. The AIM acronym stood for Advanced Interactive Microcomputer and the 65 denoted the first two numbers of the 6502 MOS Technology microprocessor that the Rockwell AIM 65 was based upon. Floppy disk controller.

The printer connector is compatible with the Centronics parallel interface that is so popular with high speed dot matrix printers. This one works but is very hard to do unless one has access to a known good board. I have an addition to my website that will contain more and more info as time permits. The board contains 64K bytes of dynamic RAM, all of which is available to the user, and a 256 byte PROM is used to "boot" the system up.

MTU also made the first real time music synthesizer for a microcomputer; it worked with the KIM-1 and AIM-65, and featured a DAC with software providing 4 voices of 'wavetable-lookup synthesis. One particularly hard troubleshooting job was an RAM error intermittently! In addition to bare board blue-coller versions, the AIM 65 is available in an enclosure, complete with power supply, for use as a desk top computer. It came with full documentation including as far as I remember 4 books: A complete diagram, a complete hardware manual, a full commented bios listing, users guide and another book.